Hi There

Gary Sparg

My name is Gary, and I am a geek. I have been geeking over computers since I was sixteen years old. My introduction to computers came from my best friends brother. He was working at the time in the IT field. He bought components to build his PC. But he did not have enough to buy a case for his computer. So on a desk sat a pizza box with a motherboard. Cable’s running all over it. I had no clue what each did, But I wanted to know. My best friend sat me down and showed me a game on this small cobbled together machine. The game was Prince of Persia. I sat for the rest of the afternoon and played it from beginning to end. I was hooked.

I am so grateful that my best friends brother took me under his wing and started teaching me about computers. Before long I was using fdisk and other DOS command’s. I was Installing and experimenting with Windows 3. I also played plenty of games.

By this time my father had decided to buy a computer for the home. We owned a 386 with VGA graphics and a 20 MB drive. Wow, we where in the big leagues.

After I left college, I started working at a small IT company. For the first year, I worked for free. I learned so much that first year and loved every minute. I started by learning how to build a PC from scratch. Then I learned how to install and setup all the software needed by our clients. I keep on learning everything I could. I learned how to go and find answers for myself.

PC game Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia

After my first year, my career started for real. The little IT company employed me. The company decided to give me a free upgrade as a thank you for the year of free work. My dads home computer had a new 386DX processor installed. Having a maths coprocessor was a cool thing back then.

I had a burning question by this time. How is software made? My journey with programming languages began. Programming has helped me out many times. Not only in automating processes. But also in understanding how programs work and function. I have learnt around five different programming languages in my career.

I started small but grew to work with larger organisations such as Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young in Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, the good times did not last. Zimbabwe’s political landscape hit troubles. No petrol, no bread. Shops where empty. My salary tippled each month trying to keep up with hyperinflation. The time had come to move on.

We said goodbye to Zimbabwe and made a new home in the UK. I was soon working again this time in the automotive industry. Opportunities came my way and helped me expand my already broad set of skills. Working with build systems and integrating IT with PLC automation was great fun. But automotive also taught me about project management, Change Control. The mindset of ” What if this fails?”

I have moved on from the automotive industry and now find my home in managed service providers. An area in IT that is growing but has room to improve. I’m glad to contribute my skills and what I have learned in this area.