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Popular Science and motorhomes

As a kid, I loved the older Popular Science magazines. Found that they are all on google books now and decided to take a look. Saw the article pictured here. Motorhomes and caravans are a way of life here in the UK. Fun to find that at one time they were the newfangled creation of […]

WPA2 Wi-Fi cracking made easier

Developers who create the hacking tool Hashcat have stumbled across a method that helps with cracking WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi networks. Before this method, a hacker would need to capture the packets transferred between a device (Phone or laptop connecting to the network) and the Wi-Fi hub. In the real world, this could be very time consuming […]

ShadowProtect and what you can do with a full backup drive

StorageCraft is a world leader in backup software. The primary tools are ShadowProtect SPX and ImanageManager. These tools combined come together to give you flexibility and peace of mind good. The way ShadowProtect works is that it takes a full copy of your server as it stands right at the start of your backups. From […]

About windows updates

Your PC, or your server, maybe even your IT support are asking you to reboot your equipment. Rebooting of your systems is required to allow Windows updates to install. You may ask, What are these updates and do I need them? You may also want to know long this will take? We will deal with […]